February 11, 2010

Developer Soft Skills

I listened to a good podcast episode of Deep Fried Bytes (Episode 44) the other day:

In this episode Keith and Woody sat down with Brian Prince, Developer/Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, to discuss the soft skills developers and software engineers need.  Brian has been speaking at conferences about soft skills for many years.  In true Deep Fried fashion this show is chalk full of stories.  The guys discuss tips for handling one's career as well as life work balance, sales and communication.

Soft skills are social, interpersonal, and leadership skills that programmers (and many other people, for that matter) sometimes neglect to develop. I strongly believe that it’s impossible to be a truly adept developer without cultivating the skills involved with effective interpersonal relationships. We are, after all, people writing code for other people.


Anyhow, the discussion between the Deep Fried Bytes guys and Brian Prince touched on a lot of important ‘soft skill’ issues. It’s well worth the listen.



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  1. Thanks for the plug and listening to the podcast!! Hope we keep you informed and entertained.


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