April 25, 2009

Scottsdale Awarded 5 PTI Technology Solutions Awards

Sweet. The City of Scottsdale, where I work, was awarded several of the Public Technology Institute’s annual Technology Solutions Awards. We won first place in two categories, and received “Significant Achievement” awards for three other categories. That’s five winning entries in the ten possible categories. I think it’s quite an achievement.

I was personally involved in two of the winning projects, and peripherally related to the others. You can read the city’s official press release here.

One of the winning projects is titled “Intranet SOA Portal Architecture”, and the write-up describes the ongoing effort of the past year or two to upgrade our custom-written applications infrastructure. Our team has put forth some significant effort to move from many individual classic ASP and .NET 1.1 applications to a more modern .NET 3.5 infrastructure with a service-oriented codebase with a significant amount of code shared among applications. This is what I spend most of my time working on.

One of the Significant Achievements went to our “Application Development Team Incorporates Agile Development and Project Management” entry. Changing our software project management processes and philosophy was a significant contributing factor to our success with our “Intranet SOA Portal Architecture”. And, as everybody knows, change is hard. Especially hard in government. But, our customers (other city departments and the citizenry) have been nearly unanimously happy with our scrum-like process and the quality of the software being developed.

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