April 22, 2009

BlogEngine.NET Experiment

So, the other day I decided to switch my still embryonic blog from Graffiti CMS to BlogEngine.NET. There is nothing wrong with Graffiti, but a couple of things have driven me away.

Firstly, Graffiti, while very slick, is not open source. I can't tinker with it, except through their Chalk interface. Extending Chalk seems awkward.

Secondly, our dev shop at work has decided to use the open source BlogEngine.NET to run an internal website for our group. If we need to modify anything, we've got the source.

Thirdly, I've been wanting to find a platform on which I can build some custom specialty sites, with some very specific 'modules'. It's gotta be free and open source, and it's gotta be written in .NET. I've looked around at a bunch of blog and cms software, and though none of them looked like they were perfect for me, BlogEngine.NET seems as good as any other.

So, as the planets align, I'm now spending some time experimenting with it in earnest. The first step was installing it and replacing Graffiti on devadept.com. Next is to customize it. As I've browsed through the source, I've noticed a lot of things I would have done differently, or that don't match my particular coding style. So, I'm going to change it. I'll try to mold it into something that I'm more comfortable working with. I hope that, along the way, I'll find some things that inspire me to write some good posts.

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